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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Spring 2007, people working in STEM jobs earn an annual salary starting at $21,000 and averaging $79,828. It is also projected that there will be 250,490 STEM job openings between 2004 and 2014.
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Different jobs require the use of STEM education or skills at different levels (high school,  college, advanced) and to a different extent.  

Core STEM Occupations encompass: 

  • Mathematics Occupations
  • Natural Science Occupations
  • Computer Occupations
  • Engineering Occupations

Examples of occupations using significant STEM education or skill sets:

· Accountant/ Book Keeper/ Business Administrator in STEM field

· Architect/ Engineer (trending ‘green’)

· Automotive Technician

· Biotechnology/ Bio-manufacturing Technician

· CAD Technician

· Electronic Component Technician

· HVAC/Solar Technician/ Installation/ Maintenance and Repair

· IT Specialist

· (Advanced) Manufacturing Machinist

· Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Technician

· Scientist

· Software Developer

· Surveyor

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