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Passing the TorchSTEMPower is currently recruiting mentors to work with one or more protégés for 1 year.

The primary function of our mentors is to build a strong mentor relationship with STEM Pathways participants through listening, guidance, advice, teaching, and professional support.

Mentors are vital to the STEM Pathways program and serve as advisors, educators, role models and leaders contributing knowledge and skills through the sharing of their experiences with others.

Mentors provide insight, coaching, and in some cases sponsorship, which directly support the mentee’s professional development. In addition, our mentors provide role modeling, acceptance and confirmation to support the mentee’s self-image and competence. 

Benefits of Mentoring

The Mentorship Program allows mentors the opportunity to give back to their industry by helping a STEM participant transitioning to a new career field.

It's an opportunity to enhance your coaching, consulting and teaching skills.

It's an opportunity to network across STEM stakeholder groups.

It's an opportunity to shape future employees and colleagues, as well as access to a well-trained labor pool.

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